Mission, Vision and Values

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Our Mental Health and Primary Care Hub promotes and enhances the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of our community. We do this through education, collaboration, advocacy and the provision of a broad range of direct services that meet our community’s needs.


We envision mentally healthy people in a healthy society.

CMHA-Durham fulfills its mission by:

  • Providing a range of services and community-based mental health programs;
  • Educating the broader community regarding mental health issues;
  • Working closely with other related services in the community;
  • Responding to the needs of the community by establishing new programs.

Statement of Values

Social Justice

We are committed to removing barriers and discrimination that impact quality of life, and supporting equitable access to resources, so that people can fully participate in society.


We support individuals’ involvement in decisions that affect their lives.


We value honesty and ethical behaviour.


We encourage innovative ideas and new ways of working that are responsive to the changing needs in our community.

Partnership & Collaboration

We are committed to working with our community to achieve a responsive and accessible mental health system for all.

Excellence & Accountability

We are committed to using our resources efficiently and effectively to ensure the highest possible standards of governance and services.