Back to school mental health tips

As students and parents prepare for back-to school-season, CMHA Durham is reminding people to keep mental health in mind during the transition.

Free provincial program now available to help manage depression and anxiety

Are you a new mom? Just starting post-secondary school? Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction? Recently lost your job? Going through a divorce? Dealing with chronic pain or a chronic illness? Suffering from the loss of a loved one? This list goes on and on of the types of situations…

July 24th is International Self-Care Day

International Self Care Day Photo

CMHA Durham joins individuals and organizations around the globe in celebrating International Self-Care Day on July 24, which aims to raise public awareness of the importance of self-care to stay healthy and prevent or delay illness.

Thousands of Ontarians send a strong message to erase the difference

More than 12,500 Ontarians raised their voices during the recent provincial election campaign to let political candidates know that it’s time to #erasethedifference and fund mental health and addictions care the same as physical health care.

Cast your vote on June 7th for mental health and addictions care

Election Day in Ontario is fast approaching which means now is a crucial time to ensure that mental health and addictions care remains a core ballot box issue.

Ontarians deserve a place to call home

Individuals with serious mental health and addictions conditions frequently identify housing as one of the most important factors in achieving and maintaining their health. However, for many, maintaining safe and affordable housing can be difficult.

Supporting mental health is good for business

The impact of mental health in the workplace is astounding. Consider that the cost of mental illnesses to the economy is $51 billion a year and that each week 500,000 Canadians will miss work due to a mental health issue.

Tips to beat the winter blues

This is the time of year when many Ontarians may notice a shift in mood and find themselves lacking energy.

Support mental health this holiday season

Although anxiety, depression, and loneliness may occur anytime during the year, the stress of the holidays can amplify these feelings. For those coping with mental health issues, the holidays can be a daunting, overwhelming challenge every year.

Happy Holidays from CMHA

Season’s greetings from everyone at CMHA Durham.