Accepting Voices by Kevin Healey @ RecoveryNetwork: Toronto

This workshop offers a human way of understanding the kind of experiences that get called “psychosis” and offers non diagnostic way of understanding such experiences and also offers a better understanding of how we can support those who live with them.

  • Do you work with people who hear voices and who struggle with that?
  • Do you have someone in your life who hears voices and struggles and feel limited in your ability to understand and support them?
  • Have you come to realize how the story that a person hearing voices must mean “illness” ? limits not only them but limits you and limits all of us?
  • Are you weary of the notion that we must fear ourselves and fear each other ?
  • Are you curious to learn more and are you asking “what else can I do?”

If so then this workshop might help you tilt your universe and emancipate yourself with new very simple and human ways to understand and begin to act.

Our aim is that you can feel more confident in your ability to offer yourself as a one person safe space to people who hear voices and struggle.

Join us in enacting a world that understands voice hearing, supports the needs of people who hear voices and regards them as full citizens.


Standard $125

Early Bird $100 – limited number available until Fri July 14th.


Registration is required