CMHA Durham Employee Recognition Awards

At CMHA Durham we are proud of our dedicated caring staff.  We want to honor some of the outstanding work from some incredible members of our team.

Making the Difference Award

  • Positive interactions with internal and external personnel, partners and/or clients
  • Consistently represents CMHA Durham in a professional manner
  • Excellent customer service demonstrated

Winner – Julie Wright

Excellence in Relationship Building

  • Building positive relationships with clients, peers and/or community partners
  • Being able to develop these relationships and demonstrate a positive impact that they have had

Winner – Onika Dainty

Shining Star

  • Demonstrates Leadership and commitment to the organization
  • Actively contributes to the growth and mission of CMHA Durham
  • Coaches and mentors fellow employees and/or clients
  • Provides inspiration and creates a positive culture in the workplace

Winner – Rina Short


Above & Beyond Program Delivery

  • Creative, enthusiastic, shows initiative in new program development
  • Makes a positive impact in program delivery
  • Demonstrated support to program above and beyond in times of crisis

Winners – Marie Logan & Tracey Hardinge


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to our amazing team of dedicated hard working professionals!