CMHA Durham recognizes National Addictions Awareness Week

Addiction does not discriminate, it affects all walks of life.

That’s the message of this year’s National Addictions Awareness Week (NAAW), an annual
campaign from November 26 to December 2 led by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
and Addiction (CCSA). This year’s NAAW theme, All Walks of Life, highlights that addiction
does not discriminate and affects people of all ethnicities and socioeconomic classes. This
could be your colleague, your friend, or someone in your own family. The campaign urges us to
come together and work towards reducing the stigma and stereotypes around substance use,
addiction and recovery.
To increase awareness of and reduce stigma, CMHA encourages the public to STOP and
consider whether language used:
• Stereotypes people with substance use issues?
• Trivializes people with substance use issues?
• Offends people with substance use concerns?
• Patronizes people with substance use issues by treating them as if they were not as
good as other people?
NAAW is an opportunity for Canadians to learn more about substance misuse, prevention, and
treatment. In Canada, one in ten people suffer from some type of substance use disorder and
approximately 21 per cent of the population (roughly six million people) will meet the criteria for
addiction in their lifetime.