DROP IN Family Education Night “The Voices Are Real and hearing them need not mean you’re crazy.” with Kevin Healey

Family Education Night is open to anyone in a “supporting role” to a person with a mental illness.

Join us for

The Voices Are Real and hearing them need not mean you’re crazy.” with Kevin Healey of the Hearing voices network Toronto.



Thursday, November 30th, 2017

6:30 to 8:30 p.m.


Durham Mental Health Services – Whitby Mall Location

West Tower, Second floor, Unit #202

Call 905-436-8760 for more information.

Please note: Although no registration is required, we often have a full house. To avoid disappointment, we encourage you to arrive shortly before 6:30 p.m. to ensure you get a good seat.


More about Kevin and his presentation:

Hearing voices and other experiences that get called “psychosis” have been variously demonized, mystified and made taboo – making them harder to live with,  harder to understand and harder for loved ones to know how to support someone who is struggling. This leads to many who live with such experiences becoming isolated and disempowered – and much the same happens to their families too.

And yet, these experiences are both remarkably common and eminently understandable in context of a life. As well, they can often have great meaning. Indeed, in some cultures it is those who do not have such experiences and who do not talk about them who are regarded as the ones worthy of concern.

Hearing voices also refers to a broad approach gaining hold round the world that seeks to support people who struggle with experiences that many of us fear, to share ways of coping, and ways we might choose to make sense of our experiences. It also offers training to and works alongside with healers, researchers, service managers, families and public to find more and better ways of offering more effective support.

This talk will share some key ideas and also paint a picture of work already begun in partnership with CMHA Durham and DMHS to build capacity within services and within the community to support those who struggle and to support those who struggle with knowing how to support those who struggle.  We will also share information about opportunities to participate in upcoming workshops, trainings, and other work including Durham region’s own Hearing Voices Café in Oshawa.


Kevin Healey has been hearing voices that you don’t for longer than either he- or the voices – would care to remember. He has become internationally recognized for his work with groups, workshops and trainings as recipient of INTERVOICE International Award for Innovation in Paris, 2016. He is known for a creative, hopeful approach, sharing stories from his own experiences, including using puppets to represent the voices he hears in workshops, stand-up routines and on the storytelling circuit, for designing and presenting powerful learning experiences and helping people realise they can break through taboos, lose their fear and become fascinated and curious to learn more.  He, and at least some of his voices have been invited by the organizing team to “close out” HV Congress in The Netherlands in 2018 – since HV Congress 2019 will be hosted in Canada.