National Housing Day recognizes the importance of safe and affordable housing

On November 22, CMHA Durham joins communities and organizations across the country to
mark National Housing Day and recognize the challenges faced by many people in finding a
place to call home.
National Housing Day calls on the need for safe and affordable housing for all Canadians.
Across the country, 1.7 million people are in need of housing and at least 235,000 people
experience homelessness each year.
In November 2017, the federal government announced a 10-year, $40-billion National Housing
Strategy to help reduce homelessness and improve the availability and quality of housing for
Canadians in need.
CMHA recognizes housing as a key social determinant of physical and mental well-being.
Particularly, supportive housing is crucial to recovery for many people living with mental health
or addictions issues. Evidence indicates that having a place to call home means a better quality
of life and success in education and work. Housing with appropriate supports is shown to
improve outcomes from even severe mental health and addictions problems.
In partnership with other stakeholders, CMHAs continues its efforts to promote the need for
housing in general and supportive housing in particular for people with lived experience of
mental illness.
CMHAs have called for increased investments in housing, as well as the need to reduce barriers
to housing as one way to reduce the overall costs to health care, police and justice, and social
services sectors.

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the importance of housing for mental health.