CMHA Durham’s Recovery College Wellness Centre announces the premiere of the Over|Thinking Podcast

CMHA Durham’s Recovery College Wellness Centre is proud to announce the premier of the Over|Thinking podcast.  The show is a monthly look at mental health from the perspective of individuals with lived experience.

The podcast is offered as a course at the Recovery College Wellness Center, providing students with an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about their mental health in a creative and positive manner. Every aspect of the show from the name and logo to its post-production has been led by Recovery College Wellness Centre students. The program also helps students develop skills in presentation and audio production.

“The podcast title is intended to play on the words ‘Over’ and ‘Thinking’ the line that separate Over from Thinking in the logo is meant to convey a sense of being done with overthinking and the associated stress that those who struggle with mental health challenges face every day.” says Percy D’Souza, Peer Specialist with the Recovery College Wellness Centre.

In February 2020 the “Hey you still okay” charity concert raised over $3,000 for CMHA Durham.  A portion of this was used to purchase recording equipment and software to make the podcast a reality.

“Events like the “Hey you still okay” concert are vital for fighting the stigma related to mental health issues and the donations they provide do so much to help our clients” said Sheryl Wedderburn, Interim CEO of CMHA Durham.

In the first episode host Jamie Andrews explores Mental Health Self Care through conversation with guests Candace Singh, a member of the Recovery College staff and Marian Waffle, a peer and prior client of Recovery College Wellness Centre.  You can listen to the podcast on: