French Language Service Identification






The Central East Local Health Integration Network (CELHIN) has officially approved CMHA Durham as an Identified French Language Services organization. Identification is defined as the selection of service providers, by local Health Integration Networks, for the purposes of planning and delivering quality services in French.

Being an Identified Organization: Significance

The recognition highlights CMHA Durham’s dedication and commitment to supporting local Francophone populations, demonstrated through enhanced community engagement and outreach, and improved access to quality French language services. The objective is for the Francophone population to have access to a continuum of health services in French, through organization such as CMHA Durham.

As a result of this anticipated news, a carefully devised plan will outline the details of how CMHA Durham will, over time, incorporate the requirements outlined as a newly identified organization.

A special thank you to Entité 4, who strongly recommended and promoted the organization to the CELHIN, working with our senior management team, and finally, our FLS specialist for making this goal a reality.  Without your efforts, there would be no identification!

For more information on the requirements of an identified organization, click HERE