It’s Time to Act.

Committed to a comprehensive and accessible mental health and addictions system for Ontario.

“It’s Time to Act” builds on the pillars of our ongoing work:


Our Challenge

Our Commitment

Our Call-to-Action

Our Challenge

Our reality is that mental health and addictions affects everything around us, including:

Communities – Mental health and addiction are intrinsically linked with housing, social services and employment.

Families Mental health and addiction problems affect everyone from children to seniors.

Economy – Mental health and addiction problems have a direct impact on our productivity. This week, 500,000 Canadians will miss work because of mental health issues.

Mental illness and addiction also put pressure on our public health care system, as people struggling with these issues are more likely to use the health care or social systems.

The reality for Ontarians struggling with mental health and addiction problems:

  • Getting trapped in a “revolving door” of emergency room visits
  • Not getting the help they need; a reality for one-third of Ontarians who need mental health or addiction services
  • Facing long wait times for help

Our Commitment

As part of our province-wide association, Addictions and Mental Health Ontario (AMHO), we are committed to working with the government and partners to support priority areas such as addiction and mental illness among children and youth, supportive housing, and increasing access to psychotherapy.

Our Call to Action

“It’s Time to Act” calls on the Government of Ontario to act by:

  • Making mental health and addictionw a priority
  • Commit to increasing investments in mental health from 7% to 9% of overall spending
  • Investing in prevention and promotion – saving lives and saving money
  • Increasing the number of supportive housing units
  • Reducing waiting times for people needing help for mental health and addiction problems
  • Enhancing overall access to services, recognizing that one-third of people who need help cannot access the proper service
  • Increasing resources for children and youth with mental health and addiction problems
  • Taking a comprehensive view and recognizing the social determinants of health and the important links between psychological, social and physical health and strong communities

It’s Time to Act – Here’s how!

Getting involved is easy. The options are right at your fingertips.

  1. Add your voice to the campaign through social media using #time2act and the campaign graphics. Check out CMHA Durham’s activity on Twitter @CMHA_Durham, Facebook @CMHA.Durham
  2. Share your reason for why it’s #time2act by printing off the call-out bubble, writing in your reason, and posting a photo of yourself holding your bubble. Printable call-out bubble
  3. Donate to CMHA Durham to help us improve mental health and addiction services in your community.