Support mental health this holiday season

Although anxiety, depression, and loneliness may occur anytime during the year, the stress of
the holidays can amplify these feelings. For those coping with mental health issues, the holidays
can be a daunting, overwhelming challenge every year. That’s why CMHA Durham offers support and information to people affected by mental health issues – so no one needs to feel
alone in their struggle.
CMHA Durham works daily to promote mental health, recovery and resilience in the
community, but we can’t do it alone. You can support CMHA Durham this holiday season by
making a donation. Your gift will help CMHA Durham assist people experiencing mental
health issues, including their families and caregivers, to access information and support as soon
as they need it.
During this season of giving, you’ll be making a meaningful gift to many people across Ontario
who will cope with a mental health issue in the coming year. Please donate today.