Case Management and Community Services

Case Management and Community Services work alongside individuals managing their mental illnesses who require support to live and work successfully in the community. Case Managers promote independence and enhance the recovery journey for these individuals, utilizing goal-oriented support, advocacy, and system navigation.

Program Summary

Using a multi-service approach, program teams address a range of individual goals and provide flexible, mobilized services to those whose needs, intensity of service use, and location may change over time.

Case Managers provide the following services:

  •      Assessments of ability, strength, and need
  •      Creating recovery plans
  •      Creating crisis plans
  •      Medication management
  •      Family/caregiver supports
  •      Life skills instruction and supports
  •      Assist with financial management
  •      Referral to other services and supports
  •      Assistance accessing services and/or entitlements
  •      Creating attainable discharge plans

CMHA Durham’s integrated service model allows for streamlined access to additional internal programs such as the Recovery College Wellness Centre and the Nurse Led Practitioner Clinic.