Community Treatment Orders

Lakeridge Health logoontario-shores-logoCMHA Durham’s Community Treatment Order Program works in partnership with Lakeridge Health Network and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences.

A Community Treatment Order (CTO) is an order to provide a person who suffers from a serious mental disorder with a comprehensive plan of community-based treatment or care with supervision that is less restrictive than being detained in a psychiatric facility.

The program assists individuals follow-up in the community as an alternative to hospitalization.
The CTO plan identifies what the person and their supports (e.g. family, friends and health care professionals) must do to help them stay out of the hospital. This includes intense case management support provided by nurse case managers.

Community Treatment Orders are intended for those who have a serious mental illness and a history of repeated hospitalizations. A doctor has examined the individual and believes the person requires continuing treatment and care or supervision while residing in the community.

Download a printable version of the CTO Referral Form (PDF) here