Family Caregiver Project Team

Family Caregiver nightCMHA Durham’s Family Caregiver Project Team reviews caregiver support needs regularly and develops action plans to better meet these needs.

It plans and coordinates staff education on working with family/caregivers and has created a Policy on Caregiver Support.

Please contact Community Connection Services for more information (905) 436 8760.

CMHA is accomplishing its mission by providing the following to family/caregivers:


Family/caregivers are given information about CMHA Durham services and other community services (brochures and ‘Pathway to Recovery”, a guidebook for families navigating the mental health system in Durham Region. See the web links on this page.)

Referral to Services and Supports

Family/caregivers are referred to other available services and supports that meet their needs or those of someone they care for.

Direct Service

Family/caregivers may receive consultation and brief case management services via phone, email, or meetings when requested, and can participate in family/caregivers support groups that provide educational, recreational, and social opportunities.


Educational workshops and events focused on topics such as medication, self-care, and system navigation.

Opportunities for Communication, Input and Participation

Family/caregivers can be involved by participating in Intake meetings and recovery planning, with client consent. Also by providing feedback through a new family/caregiver survey. Family/cargivers are encouraged to participate in program activities and events: social, recreational, open houses.

Indirect Respite Service

Community Wellness Services programs provide daily activation and support for clients, allowing family/caregivers respite time.

Services In-Kind

CMHA Durham offers free meeting space and resources for family and caregiver support groups.

Family Education Nights

Monthly education sessions for families in collaboration with Durham Mental Health Services and Durham ACT (Ontario Shores).

Pathway to Recovery

A Task Group with Durham Mental Health Services and community representation created the Pathway to Recovery Guidebook. Pathway to Recovery provides, facts, strategies, advice, personal experiences and resources to support families and caregivers of individuals suffering from mental health difficulties. View or download the guidebook, Pathway Publisher Fourth Edition (PDF)