Mental Health and Addictions Peer Support (MAPS) Program

Mental Health and Addictions Peer Support (MAPS) Program Logo

What is MAPS

MAPS is a 1:1 Peer support service that addresses addictions, trauma, suicide, and mental health by establishing credibility and rapport based on lived experiences.

Peers and clients together will explore clients recovery goals and identify ways to help clients feel more connected with supports.

We offer 1:1 & Group Peer Support virtual Services with a focus shared lived experiences while exploring individual recovery goals, and identifying ways to feel more connected to the community .

Who is MAPS for?

Individuals who have:

  • an assigned Probation or Parole officer
  • a goal oriented mindset
  • a readiness to set mental health and addiction recovery goals
  • Motivation to address any mental health and addiction problems

How to Join

Referrals can ONLY be submitted by a Probation and Parole Officer. You can fill out the MAPS Referral Form (PDF) here.

Fax your referral to 905-436-9561 or email

For more information or additional inquires email us at with “MAPS” in the subject line.