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CMHA Durham’s Recovery College has gone online!  Check out our new online course Catelogue!

You can find information about how to join our Google Classroom here.


CMHA Durham’s Recovery College Wellness Centre takes an educational approach to improving mental health with an emphasis on strengths instead of problems.  Each person develops an individual learning plan which guides their journey through their studies.

The Recovery College Wellness Centre involves peers in all aspects of college life, including management, governance, helping decide on course offerings and overall structure and orientation.

Courses are taught by peers and adult educations and can include topics such as:

·        Understanding recovery

·        Understanding mental health conditions

·        Looking at mental health services and treatments

·        Personal wellbeing and health

·        Life skills, managing money, moving towards other education or employment

·        Training, advocacy and peer-support skills

For more information and upcoming courses download our Course Catalogue.